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We've Got A Podcast!

We recently sat down as a family to talk about our experience visiting the beaches during our time in Southwest Florida. A small portion of the audio was used in our YouTube video, but there was too much material that didn't get used to let it go to waste.

So, we decided to start a podcast! Michelle and I had sat down and recorded a couple audio conversations when we were transitioning to full-time RV life, and they are available on our YouTube channel, too; but, now we have a legit podcast set up, and we'd love to get your feedback! It was fun sitting down with the kids and talking about their experience, and there is some super cute commentary throughout the show.

We will post updates as the podcast appears on more platforms, but we will also begin to post these blog articles with the audio embedded so this website can remain a one stop shop for all things related to our travel adventures and content.

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